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Some key Bible Verses of the Christian Bibles

(Brother Dave's selections and notes, using various bibles,
with some paraphrasing, translating, and in Spirit of Truth discernment)

INTRO: It is better to believe, in Jesus' Spirit of All Truth, (see John 16:7-16) the BEST 3% - 5% of the scriptures and bibles; than to believe blindly, as some undiscerning Humans would say, that all of the bible and scriptures are EQUALLY True and all inerrant ! Surely, Numbers chapter five is NOT something any decent Christian father and mother would force upon, to indoctrinate, their lovely children ! That part is pure rot - VERY BAD Theology and philosophy; it is even sub-Human at todays's progressing standards ! Thank You Father ! OUR TRUE LOVING FATHER GOD NEVER gave us the sick commands of Numbers ch 5 ! Sick and misguided humans of old just wrote it, for very evil and controlling purposes. Warning, read Num ch 5 at your own risk ! All Pure Christians will not tolerate that filth ! Do you ? Would you believe the claim of the unknown author of Numbers ch 5, who stated that "the Lord God" said this ??? Then, compare that with some pure and high Words spoken by our Master Jesus Christ ! --- The Sermon on the Mount, the Prodigal Son, Lost Coin, Lost Sheep, etc. When we read Spiritual Truth, the Spirit of God within reinforces that, and we know in our soul that it is True and Good and Beautiful ... and of our God ! So, we will go rapidly through most the books in the Bible, and take much longer time on the Gospel of John which is the only Gospel with largely an eternal-NOW ringing Truth viewpoint. Yes, even though less than 1 % of the Old Testament is significant, it is not wise to reject totally all of the O.T. as some, well-meaning, "New Testament Only Christians" do. It is worth the effort to find and still share the BEST 1 % or so of this O.T. For example, on Paradise now is the Eternal "Scripture of Truth"; and that was only briefly mentioned once in the O.T. in the very significant Daniel 10:21 (and related to Dan 12:1-4 and other deep Revelations)
Let us begin, this eclectic study in the Holy Infinite Spirit of the Father and the Son as One Who is still here teaching and guiding ALL Generations and all Persons seeking more Truth !

GENESIS Book 1 of 66, (Old Testament)

(#:# = chapter#:verse#)

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning (the GODS) (The Trinity) "Elohim" [plural, found about 2500 times in the Old Testament !] created the heaven and the earth." [note that God, singular, is "Eloah" and this is found ONLY about 250 times in the Old Testament !]

1:26 "And the GODS (Elohim) said, Let US (plural !) make Man in OUR (plural) Own Image, after OUR LIKENESS." ...and let Man have dominion (control) over all the earth and all living things."

1:27 and 5:1 and 9:6 "So the GODS (Elohim) created Man in His Own Image; male and female He made them."

2:4A ends the FIRST CREATION STORY in Genesis

2:4B - on is the SECOND CREATION STORY in Genesis

4:14 Cain slew Abel, but WHO is mentioned here?: "EVERYONE who finds (Cain) shall slay me."
:15 And the Lord marked Cain, lest ANY finding him should kill him." [Who ? Must be the Nodites in "the land of Nod" also there !]
:17 Cain marries ! [It had to be he married one of the millions of Nodite women there ! Not his mother, Eve ! No incest here !]

5:24 "And Enoch walked with The Gods (Elohim); and he was not, for the Gods (Elohim) took him."

Jump to: Hebrews (New Testament) 11:5 "By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death, and was not found, because God had translated him,..."

6:2 "the Sons of God..." [note also plural Sons of Elohim; later we will read: "Unto us is born A Son..."]

6:6-7 [NO! God never repents ! God never makes any mistakes ! Such notions in the Bible here are blasphemy ! Making Man was not a "mistake"; neither were making animals and birds and all living things here ! God is our infinitely perfect loving and merciful Father !]

9:16 [NO! God knows ALL; He is never forgetful !!]

14:18 Melchizedek is King and Priest [and Abram who became Abraham paid Him tithes ... showing that this Divine Son of God under Jesus Christ is far above mere Abraham in Spiritual status and wisdom. Only very few of the simple tribes People back then were able to grasp a tiny bit of the advanced Trinity Truths that Melchizedek taught. Excavations now at UR may prove interesting. See Hebrews (NT) for more about Melchizedek.

15:1 Abram, later called Abraham, in Vision, perceived this word of the Lord God: "Fear not: ... I AM your Shield and your exceedingly great reward."

17:1 ... God appears to Abram (Abraham) "I AM the Almighty God; walk before Me, and be you perfect." Also see similar "Be you perfect" in Matt 5:48; Lev 19:2 (Holy); Deut 18:13; James 1:4

28:13 "I AM the Lord God (Elohim) (Trinity) (Gods) ..."

28:15 "I AM (Elohim) (Trinity) (Gods) with you and will keep you..."

32:30 (Jacob:) "...I have seen God(s) (Elohim) face to face, and my life is preserved."

To all: Are there any other verses in Genesis that could be useful for evangelism or teaching Spiritual Truths? Please share them; then those in Leviticus (Book 2 coming next)

[to be continued, going though all the 66 books of the Christian Bible]

Love, peace and good progress in seeking and finding our Father and His Truth in Jesus in Spirit !

Your Brother Dave Email your questions and comments to Brother Dave

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