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A Parable of Eagles

Once upon a projected space-time of Paradise-Eternity, there was a healthy, young adult eagle who was born in a deep, dark cave and always hung upside down with his elder brothers and sisters. These brother eagles continually spake (archaic form of spoke) to him, saying: "We are Blind Bats; and we are at The Temple Top; there is nothing higher, Amen!"

One day, this healthy, young adult eagle, while daydreaming, lost his grip and crashed against the floor of the cave. In ringing tones, he cries out and shouts: "WOW ! There is Light ahead faraway in this cave!"

The Top Temple Tycoon preaches that he is beside himself; but the Eagle crawls to the Light and sees more and more Light as he progresses. He leaves the cave and is totally enraptured in the excellent sunlight, glorious colors, shining waters, luxurious flowers, flying birds, unknown animals, and mysterious friendly Beings of Love, Mercy, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness!

After a few moments in this new Light and Life, he determines to return to his Brothers and Sisters in the dark cave to tell them the Glorious and Good News!!

He returned, told all of them; and he remained in the cave with them, wisely knowing that the grip of all talons will weaken with old age!

He who has an eye, ear, and a mouth, let him see, hear and speak of The Father-Son-SPIRIT of TRUTH who IS Jesus Christ Michael, our loving Creator Father God!!!

Be now the True Eagle of GOD in JESUS that YOU ARE !

(Original copyrights 1982, 1985, 1989, 1991, 1997, 2000, various publications)

Copyleft 2002 Brother Dave a Jesusonian Email: Truthist@att.net

This Copyleft allows you to so share this parable with others, if exactly as given here.

I allow just one option when sharing with Christians, or any others: You may state herein this parable, either "Jesus", or "Jesus Christ", or "Jesus Christ Michael", as you are so led in His Spirit of Truth.

Our True Father-Son God Jesus is actually Above all names and all numbers. He is I AM GOD to us; we are each His Beloved Sons (includes Daughers and Children also !)

Please realize that ALL sincere prayers to all names for God, or His Son Jesus, or Their One Holy Spirit of Truth, DO actually GO FIRST to this Father-Son-Spirit Creator, Universe Controller and Upholder of all Persons and Realities, in and as our loving Master Jesus, both our Father and Son as One Spirit, and also our Very Elder Brother. What a Glorious Destiny we will experience ! Forever unfolding without limit ! Amen ! And so it is.

Divine Love, Paradise peace and Eternal progress,

Your Brother Dave

"The Parable of The Brick Wall", by Sister Holly Carmichael, C1999
Once upon a time there was a very tall, very long brick wall. This wall was so tall no man could see over the top of it, and it was so long no man could see either end of it, it was so thick no man had ever been able to penetrate it.

One day there were three men pondering with unspeakable desire about what was on the other side of the wall.

The first man decided to build a ladder. He spent many days and nights gathering the tools and materials he needed to build the ladder and when itwas finished, he got to the top of the brick wall and looked over. The other side was so beautiful he decided he wanted to go there. So, he came back down his ladder and gathered enough materials and tools to build a ladder going down the other side.

In the meantime the second man decided he was no good at building things, and he certainly didn't like heights, but as the first man was so excited about what was on the other side, he couldn't keep from wanting to see for himself. He went about gathering camping and hiking goods and set off to find the end of the wall that he might go around it. Eventually, he found the end and when he got there, the other side was so beautiful he continued on around the wall in hopes to find his friend who had built the ladder.

The third man, observing all of this, and also full of wonder and excitement, decided he neither liked hiking and camping, nor did he like heights at all, but he was so curious about the other side of the wall that he went and got some dynamite... and blew a hole right in the middle of the wall. He stepped through the hole to behold a wonderful new land. There on the other side were his two happy friends who he joined in a joyful embrace.

Peace abounded in their hearts, for they had taken that first step necessary to find the answer to the question about what was on the other side of that wall, and by faith coupled with action they had found it.

Now, they have all to returned their homes, and they love to tell the story of the many different ways in which different people can reach the same goal.

They know this adventuresome story is a representation, of that one great truth, which shows that the spiritual pursuit, of the living way, to the discovery of the mysteries of truth, requires every man to make his own great decisions.

The end

"A Parable of Readiness" by Sister Holly Carmichael, C2000
A woman, a child and a man had gone on their first camping trip in the wilderness. The first night, they built a fire together. And as they sat there in a circle around it, the child said "I like this fire, because it makes me feel warm and good when it is dark and scary out here."

The man said "But, I am here to protect you."

The woman said "But, I think you feel good because you sit between us."

A bit confused, but feeling OK, the child said "The fire is good because we can gather around it and cook good food."

The man said "Too much fire will burn the food."

The woman said "We use pots, pans, water and dirt to control the fire."

Even more uncomfortable now, the child said in a last ditch effort "Animals stay away because they are afraid of the fire."

The man said "Animals are afraid of ME."

The woman said "Animals can not *control* fire."

The flames of the fire flickered merrily, and made a lovely circle of light in the forest. But the group was not so merry now.

The child said "The fire is in the center and we are sitting around it."

The woman said with great passion and deep pain "Why do you want us to be in the center and have the fire around us?!!"

The man said quietly in a whisper "The child and the woman do not get along and they do not appreciate me." With that, he moved away from the glow of the fire and the warmth of the group.

The woman said through big salty, streaking tears "The child is strangely attached to the fire and not to me." And she too moved off into the darkness.

The child began to cry out loud. He watched as his own tears sizzled and fizzed when they hit the hot rocks surrounding the fire.

And still the fire burned merrily and bright.

The child got up, and went over to the man, then the woman. And holding their hands he led them back to the light and the fire. He hugged them, and kissed them both. Then he kicked dirt on the fire.

It was only smoldering embers when he got through.

Nobody needed to say a thing.

And, of course, no one looked back as they headed home...for they had not been ready to conquer the wilderness alone.

But, the child, would never forget this lesson of love, life and selfishness.

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