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Personal Religionists Association - You ! P.R.A.Y. !

Home or House Fellowship Groups

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in our Holy Father-Son-Spirit of Truth ! and thus in our loving and merciful Master and Savior Jesus Christ !

There is a worldwide quiet reformation taking place. More and more of our Brethren in Jesus are becoming saddened, disillusioned, frustrated, etc with the far too many unspiritual trends and projects in the mainline (so-called) "Christian" churches. Too much over-organization and bureaucracy, and elitism of the "clergy" over the mere "laity" - the hard-working people who do all the work and pay all the bills ! This "clergy" over "laity" is a spiritual menace that more and more Persons - Sons and Daughters of God directly ! - see ever more clearly.

NOW is the time to unite in the LIVING BROTHERHOOD (ALL PEOPLE) OF JESUS ! He is now fully here in Spirit calling each of us to COOPERATE with Him, and thus with the will of GOD, and to continue to COORDINATE and COMMUNICATE with all other faith-sons in Jesus worldwide, to continue the GOOD SERVICE WORK of bringing the realization of Light and eternal Life, freely given to all, in and by our loving Father God and Master Jesus !

This week, and on, we will be looking at how to form and maintain a Home, or Nuclear Family, or Kindred-souls Group. There are thousands of good names for them.

This Page Link is named P.R.A.Y. What is that ?

Personal Religionists Association - You ! in Jesus

Here Now in Spirit ! The Family of Jesus ! Jesus' People !

"Jesus' People without a Steeple" ? LOL I wonder if that has been said before, probably.

How do you start? First, let each of us pray for wisdom, and COMMUNE with our Maker and Savior Jesus Christ. Just gather one or more friends, and have your own Personal Communion Sacrement ...anywhere ...and just as you are ! No ecclesiastical human authority is needed ! No church building is needed ! No collection plates, no tithing, no silly antiquated church traditions of how to do this, are required. You may Commune with or without bread or cookies or wine or grape juice or whatever good things you want to share. If you have no close friends at the moment, you can even do this all by "yourself"; as you realize that some Angels of Jesus are with you to make up the "Two or more gathered together in Jesus and in His Good Name. Wonderful. True Paradise peace ... more ... all freely given ... as You, the faith-son, and Jesus your Creator and Father Commune ...One in Spirit.

Are the many Humans, still members of organized churches, also our Brothers and Sisters ? Absolutely ! God and Jesus are no respectors of Persons; we are all EQUALLY Gifted with the Pure Spirit of God Above and Upon each of us worldwide; yes, good, bad, average People ...all Persons !

This is a long, 2000 years so far, process of education. Don't expect everyone to suddenly dispense with their alleged need for a Human Spiritual Authority type Person ! They will some Day have their spiritual BirthDay, be ReBorn, eternal ReBirth, and really know that Jesus leads us to realize that:

God has now become as you are, so that He may make you as He Is .....

This is too Sacred to elucidate in mere words ... ineffable. None of this Truth-fact of God's spirit within you takes anything away from God's Transcendence as Father and Son and Infinite Spirit Person(s) on Paradise and in Eternity ! Yes, it is hard on little Human minds to know of God Above and God's Spirit within, but this will surely become more real to you and me as we pray and seek Him in/as our wonderful Leader Jesus here as He the Spirit of Truth. Later, we will discuss practical things and suggestions for these many autonomous (independent, self-governing under Jesus) associations, groups, fellowships, etc. Each group of usually 2 to 15, will pick their own name, or names, or stay "Above Name and Number" if they wish. Some groups will be only nuclear (natural) family members; most will allow close friends of like mind; others will be more evangelistic and try to bring in more.

When a group gets to about 10-15, then it splits into two groups of about 5 to 8 Persons each. Just as living human body cells divide and multiply, and He and we help spread:

the virus of love and peace to all

Is this Spirit Gift of Jesus now too much spiritual liberty for you ? If so, you may find or remain in any of the old mainline Christian groups and churches. You may also choose to remain in an "Institutional Church" and also be in one or more of these living cell groups !

This is just a brief introduction to this revelationary-evolutionary transformation of Christianity, and all other world religions ! It may take hundreds or thousands of more years to be complete. All in "God-speed". Our Father wants us to each FREELY and PERSONALLY CHOOSE to follow Him or not.

Every knee shall (freely) bow and proclaim Jesus Christ our True Father-Son Creator God and eternal loving Savior ! Certainly ! I have seen and see His Drawing Power ...Behold Him ... Amen !

And so it is.

You may click the E-mail Tab, above left, and write to us on this Mission of Truth. Thank you. Let us know if you want any links posted here, and your name and address or email to contact you, my Dear Brother or Sister in Truth !

Love, Your Jesusonian Brother Dave

Greetings my fellow brothers and sisters in His wonderful Body
  My name is Thomas, a marketing associate for a hi-tech startup in Fremont, California. My wife and I started simply meeting in our little condominium in Palo Alto, CA over five months ago! Immediately, we were joined by a church worker's wife, who had been looking for those who wanted to meet as a simple local Home Church (HC) for the last seven years in the area!

Since that simple and small beginning, I don't think I can ever go back to any kind of formal "Institutionalized Church"(IC)anymore - we realize one important thing meeting this way in our living rooms fellowshipping and breaking bread, that is, we just can't go on meeting this way without moment by moment looking to our risen Lord Jesus and His ever-moving Holy Spirit in our midst for every direction! And the result is: I feel for the first time in the longest time that I'm just starting to get a little taste of real New Testament Christianity as it was meant to be!! As one other Home Church brother put it: "Once you've had authentic Mexican cuisine, (the real thing!), you just can't settle for fast food anymore!"

Recently, the Lord has brought our first neighbors to our gathering on Sunday morning, and we have witnessed first-hand His healing touch on one young handicapped man - this man is changing before our very eyes! Recently, he asked to have Bible-study with us on Fridays! He's coming three times a week now for meeting, prayer and bibly-study! Dear saints, Please pray the Lord grant us much wisdom and grace for this new and exciting beginning in Palo Alto!

Welcome all your fellowship saints and fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

Brother Thomas in Palo Alto, CA


Here is the URL to see his longer New Testament Church paper on another website:


Why meet in the homes? by Brother Thomas Shou
  For all of God’s children to meet in their homes as the one local church in whatever locale in which they happen to reside is simply the most simple, practical and scriptural meeting example provided by Our Lord in His Word whereby the Church today may fulfill the impassioned prayer cry of our Lord Jesus to His Father “that THEY MAY ALL BE ONE, JUST AS WE ARE ONE.”

Meeting in the homes as local churches, as simply a local expression of His one Church and Body from locale to locale makes it possible for us to meet in a way that will truly fulfill the highest and most spiritual desire of our Lord Himself for His beloved and redeemed Church and Bride: to be truly ONE not only inwardly and spiritually, but outwardly and visibly as a clear and undeniable testimony to the observing unbelieving world that HE is the unique Life, Center and Head of His One Body - that the world may BELIEVE and KNOW He is the Sent One. The Christ.

The Ultimate testimony of His ONE Church is ultimately for the unchurched.

The Basics of Meeting in the Home

Just meet wherever you live - where you live
Just need open home (open living room) and open heart to ALL His children

Just need total dependency on our risen Lord Jesus as the Only Head and Giver of all gifts in His Body. No need to wait for “professionals/clergy(s)” to lead the meeting (Includes pastors, elders, mature/”leading brothers”, “apostles”, full-time Workers, etc.)

The Advantages of Meeting in the Home (Head-centered/ Body-oriented local church life)

Simply meeting as members of His Body around our Risen Lord

Honoring the absolute and sole authority and freedom of His Holy Spirit in our midst

Completely open and spontaneous time of sharing, singing, praying, praising, etc., as the Spirit leads (“Each one has!” I Cor 14:26)

Interactive, mutual, related, 2-way sharing and teaching of all the members vs. one-man/few men-dominated sermons/teachings with audience

Complete versatility in worship styles, music, exercise of spiritual gifts as He leads (Tongues, healing, spontaneous singing in spirit, scripture reading, etc. Rom 12:3-8, I Cor 12:27-31

Bread-breaking together as a full communal meal: as a celebration of Body life

Complete freedom and versatility to meet specific needs of members as they arise in the meeting

New living and different Sp-led meetings every time vs. pre-planned set program/routine/traditions led by a “lay clergy (s)”

Open fellowship with all other local saints from all backgrounds

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