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Our Mission is to share, by preaching, teaching, and actually living, the True Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Persons in this world.

Each human being on this confused planet, should Personally Realize in Spirit and in Truth, that he or she is a Divinely Beloved Son of God in Jesus Christ, and in Their One Spirit upon all, and within all who love God our Father and who choose to serve in our perfecting Brotherhood of Man: All Mankind.

This Jesusonian Gospel Message of the loving Fatherhood of God in Jesus and the resulting perfecting Brotherhood of all Mankind will certainly help to eventually transform each Individual, and finally, the whole world !! We are working and functioning, first, as Individual Christians, then in our Home and Family group, and then in small Home and Family based cell groups, to bring in more relatives, friends and associates into this growing Family Fellowship of Jesus, and thus in the Family of God our True and loving Father.

There is strength and learning by experience in a small cooperating group that can not be learned as fully by just one individual. In these associations, we are learning to better cooperate, coordinate, and communicate within the group and with the Brethren in this world, and with all Persons.

Those of us, for many reasons, who will not, or can not, be a coordinate founder or member of a cell group in a Home, can also derive much benefit from online and email interactions here with kindred souls and minds.

Why did I state coordinate ? Because our Holy Father and Son and Spirit are the Real Leaders of each of us !

Father, may we continue to better COOPERATE with YOU,

and learn to COORDINATE with our Brothers and Sisters in JESUS

to more effectively COMMUNICATE the

Pure Real and True Good News (Gospel) OF JESUS with all Persons !

This is made Real and we are strengthened when we COMMUNE with our True Father and Son in One Spirit.

There is much good work to do!! Presently, only about one in three humans on this planet claim they are Christians ! It's been about 2000 years since our Son of God Jesus Christ Incarnated here, and gave us the Pure, unadulterated, True and Good News. But still today, there are far too many and so confusing Christian multiple messages and diverse Bible interpretations being presented. The Individuals hearing these erroneous messages have become very confused with so many unbelievable, diluted, crystallized, ecclesiasticalized, over-organized messages and "churchianity" trends, caused by not personally following our Father and Son Holy Spirit of Truth ! As a result, Christianity has now become diluted and divided presently into over 27,000 different denominations, (large groups) and sects, (mid-sized groups)and cults. (small-sized groups)

We fully believe that we are each given in Spirit and in Truth the Pure Christian Way of Light and Life in JESUS. He is certainly not pleased with all of the extra, non-spiritual, attachments and modifications that we have all added to His Pure and Clear Message. Please come join us in His Spirit, and in communicating and sharing with us, to further develop and enlighten all Persons on this planet with this ongoing Good Mission of Truth in and with our True Master and Friend and Very Elder Brother Jesus Christ.

Love, peace and progress,

Your Brother Dave and Pure Christian Associates
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