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Past Sermons

Preacher Doc's Poem, Feb 12, 2003
"The Draught of Fishes"

Art above: "The Draught of Fishes", stained glass, Cathedral, Canterbury, England

"Fifth Divine Miracle, The Draught of Fishes"

Although CHRIST's fifth Miracle may not appear 'earth shaking'!
It converted Simon and the other Apostles per an "Awakening"!

And again PROVED, CHRIST had Power over Man and the sea.
Plus the converts heeded His call, " Come and follow Me."

As the Apostles traveled and Preached, especially Peter to Rome,
Those that built a Religious Order, made the Monastery their home.

Each Person, especially a Preacher, concerning his Life must decide,
How GOD wants them to live a normal Life while Preaching with Pride.

Doc C, Preacher for the Pure Christian Faith

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