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Preacher Doc's Special Valentine's Day
Statements and Poem, Feb 14, 2003

Art above: "Love", stained glass, at St.Ignatius of Loyala

"Valentine's Day Celebration and Honoring Women"

We all think, or should think, of Love on Valentine's Day! A Day that Women look for proper attention from Men. Theologically speaking, Man's first duty (in fact Anyone's first duty) is to realize in faith the salvation of their Soul.

What, in this World, ranks 'equally' as important? The Love and care that a Man must have for a Woman. This is one of the Pure Christians' main doctrines. And the reason this Pure Christian Faith BEGAN on a Valentine's Day.

Hollywood is such a 'phoney-baloney', hype factory. What they spam as 'Beauty' is only "attraction." Scientifically, the eye discerns the littlest 'angles'. Therefore, what is smoothest, is 'pleasing' to the eye.

On a movie screen, Hollywood hypes this as 'Beauty.' NO, IT IS ONLY THE 'ART' OF 'SMOOTH PHOTOGRAPHY'; of being 'attractive' to the eye. BEAUTY IS THE LADY'S *PERSON*, HER HEART, HER PERSONALITY, HER CHARACTER ! ALL WOMEN, PER THE FACT THEY ARE WOMEN, made in/by GOD, ARE "BEAUTIFUL" !

They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Men, practice recognizing True Beauty as you get older.
For True Beauty is a Women's heart, her personality.
Recognize this and obtain, enjoy congeniality !


Doc C, Founder and Preacher of the Pure Christian Faith

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