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Updated May 17, 2006


Rev. J. V. Srikanth of Great Commission Gospel Ministries


(Regd.No Under the Indian Trust Act of 1882 vide#20/BKIV 2004.)

ďTherefore Go and Make disciples of all NationsĒ (Mathew 28:19)


(Gen.Secretary., G.C.G Ministries)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
Iím sharing my Testimony, and how I accepted God, and some details about the Activities through our Ministry.

By Birth, I was a Hindu. (Hinduism is a Religion in India and it is the National Religion) Then I did not know God because I was in small village where all the people are illiterate, and donít know Him Who is Jesus, or His Teachings. After finishing my college studies, I came to Hyderabad City in search of work. My hobbies are writing and singing songs. One day, I went to a hotel to read the newspaper. One person who was sitting beside me was reading the newspaper. I asked him about the paper, he gave me the newspaper and spoke gently with me.

After that he asked about me and my purpose for coming to Hyderabad city and I told him some about myself and the purpose. He introduced himself as a Pastor. I did not know what was the meaning of "Pastor". Then he explained that he is a Servant of God and he preaches in the Word of God, and his name is Rev D. Samson. He is God's Servant for one of the Baptist Churches in Hyderabad. But I was still not very clear about what he was saying; so then he took me to his house, and told me about Jesus, and how He sacrificed his life for our sins. And also the Pastor shared his testimony. From that day, I lived with the Pastor in his house and started participating slowly in the Prayers and in church activities and growing spiritually. In these two years I worked at different places for earning wages. For me, it has taken about 2 years time for me to completely sacrifice my life for God. One day in a Prayer Meeting, God called me and spoke to me to do his Service Ministry. I prayed so many days at the feet of God. One fine day I had decided to do Godís Ministry. In 1991, August 22nd, I accepted our Lord as my Savior and took Baptism. After my Baptism I went to a Bible College.

Ordination of J.V. Srikanth

Ordination of J.V. Srikanth

I have completed my Theological Bible training in the year 1993. I took appointment letter from BAPTIST CHURCH of HYDERABAD, as a Pastor for their two branch churches. I was there as a church Pastor since 1994 Ė 2004.

I am also blessed with a good singing voice, and I released a audio cassette in April, 1998. Lyrics, tuning and composing are all done by myself. And in the same year in the month of May, I was honored by Ordaination as Reverend and also in the month of November I was Married and blessed with two Children now. In the Year 2003, I have released another audio cassette in local languages.

In April 10, 1994, I was appointed as a Pastor for one of the Branch Churches for Baptist Church of Hyderabad. This is my first experience in preaching the Word of God. We faced much opposition from the Villagers, and we were even arrested and jailed for the work of God. God has done miracles and many of the villagers believed Jesus; and now there are nearly 1500 families out of which 300 families are Christian families.

I served as a Pastor for Baptist Church of Hyderabad a total of 11 years. In these 11 years, I personally started to visit a few new places, started five new churches and handed over those churches to the Baptist Church of Hyderabad. In these 11 years, I have had so many experiences, including seeing some "Street Children" who were expecting something from us, as they donít have proper clothing, no food to eat, and they looked very unhealthy. By seeing all this, I thought to do something for them, but I was alone and donít have any support to do, and I was helpless. So I prayed for Godís will, and I started the Organization
Regd.No Under the Indian Trust Act of 1882 vide#20/BKIV 2004.

Ministry to Children

Ministry to Children

From 2004, we have started four new Churches; we have two new Pastors. Our Vision is to plant another four Churches in this Year and to turn 500 souls toward God and to appoint three new Pastors. The four Churches are in rented buildings.

Details on all of our Churches:

1 GCGM ,BAPTIST Church Jonnada

2.GCGM. BAPTIST Church Manikaonda

3.GCGM.BAPTIST Church Kongarkalan

4.GCGM.BAPTIST Church Falaknuma

I. The GCGM Church Jonnada
Location : Jonnada Village, Indrareddy Nagar Colony, Ranga Reddy District
Distance : Nearly 60 kms from Falaknuma
Church Members : 60 Members and 25 Sunday School Children.
The Service will starts at 4:30 P.M. The Sunday School service will be conducted before the Service. The Village consists of nearly 200 families out of which 22 families are Christian Families.

II. GCGM BAPTIST Church Manikonda
Location : Manikonda Village, Shivaji Nagar Colony, Ranga Reddy District
Distance : Nearly 33 kms from Falaknuma (27 kms to Jonnada)
This is one of the main Branch Churchs of our Ministry. Most of the Executive Committee members of Great Commission Gospel Ministries are from this Village only, and we have lot of development in this Village. The most important part of this village is the Giant Software Companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Indian Business School, International Golf Stadium, Gachibowli Stadium, Wipro and Polaris. These are few of the large companies, and there are many more IT Parks being constructing there. The distance between those Companies and the Village is about 3 KM only. The price of the Land is also very costly, and we are in the process of getting about 500 sq. yards land through one of the village leaders. If we canít get the Land within 5 months, then it may be difficult to get any land in this place, as the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh is acquiring the land and have plans to construct more IT parks. So we are in the process of getting the land. If we can get the land here, then this will be the Great Commission Gospel Ministries Headquarters.

III. GCGM BAPTIST Church Kongarkalan
Location: Ibrahim Patnam Mandal, R.R.District.
Distance : Nearly 30 kms from Falaknuma.
This is a remote area, where there is no reliable transportation. The majority of the people living in the village are illiterates. In the year 2002, one Pastor has been killed while preaching the Word of God. But God gave us the Vision to do his work in this place. This church functions now in just a rented room.

IV.GCGM BAPTIST Church Falaknuma
Location : Falaknuma (Old City), Hyderabad District.
Distance : Nearly 30 kms from Kongarkalan.
The GCGM Church Falaknuma, is situated in Old City, Hyderabad District. We have 90 Members in this church mainly consist of youth. We have a very good Choir. The youth members of this church actively participate in all the church programs (including the other branch church programs). We have 30 Sunday School Children with 2 Sunday school teachers. This church is located in a Muslim area. This church also operates in a rented room, and the owners of the house are Muslims. The church is in an old city, which a Historical place and is very sensitive place in religion. Here the people have lot of religious feeling, and they do fight for their religion with other religions like Hindus and Christians. We face many difficulties in preaching the Word of God. Some pagans, who are living in these areas, will cause a lot of trouble to our Christians. Many times, we have faced a lot of problems from them. We face problems during every festival of the Hindus and Muslims. We need an own place for this Church and we are praying for it.


Rev J.V.Srikanth
H.No. 18-2-109/1/8
Parmeshwar House, Falaknuma
Hyderaba. 500 053.
Andhra Prades, India.

EMAIL: JesusCalledUs@yahoo.com

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