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Ghana Christian Groups News


Ghana Christians News Jan 29, 2006

CYC founded in Ghana

The Buduburam Refugee camp in Ghana is a home to about 40 thousand Liberian refugees who fled the civil crisis in Liberia; the war started in 1990 and have had an adverse effect especially on the Liberian youths.

Since the inception of the war, Liberia has never been a good environment for success, as the peace was checkered by crisis in 1992, 1996, 1998, and late 2001.

Of the total number of refugees in Buduburam, about 60 percent are youths who do not have the means to make a bette life with respect to support, as they equally face an environment that lacks good sanity, safe drinking water and other incentives. Many of school going age are not able to continue school due to the same problems; others, however, become prostitutes and get into bad habbits.

Despite all of these difficult problems, many youths still are focused and are more active with the work of God: The youths see the challenges ahead of them and are trying to shape themselves for such challenges with ther help of our Father God.

These young Christians gather in sections to have regular prayer time and youth associations.


The CYC has been established for two years; but it has been greatly hindered by the lack of the adequate logistics to move the dream more rapidly ahead. Despite all these problems, several youths have consistantly sacrificed their time to work with the little available resources in the interest of improving the framework of the Council.

CYC started as the result of a very tragic event which saw its founding steward, Bro Alloysius Dolo, and some members of his family, killed in a raging fire in the Buduburam refugee camp. Youths had then gathered to organize themselves to raise support for the burial of Liberians who had coldly lost their lives .The idea of such a council was brought up by Pastor Prince C. Pennie, and was seconded by many youths present.

With this in the minds of the youths, they faintly tried to lay any premise since the burial and other rites had not been administered. But after all the tragedy, the first meeting to rekindle the dream of the CYC was then held at the Buduburam United methodist church, where a working committe was set up, with the responsibility to coordinate CYC afffairs and help to mobilize the youths of more than 40 churches in the camp. The effort of that committee was contantly thwarted by the fact that many were pre-occupied with finding the means to sustain themselves and to find food and better upportunities for them and their families; but yet it can be regretted because many youths shared and are still sharing the passion of the council.

Considering the problem mentioned above, plus many others, including the lack of finances, the Council was constrained to continue with just six churches as its founding members; a membership charter was then signed and taken to each youth's local church.

Until now, CYC continues to struggle to make a giant move; and we are confident that the breakthrough is near.There are regular meetings help on every thursday of the week where youths interact and discuss the progress of the organization.

We definitely would like to extend a hand to those who would want to help this initiative.


The members of the Christian Youth Council; Recognizing their zeal to work and coordinate activities to serve and promote God's Ministry; Considering the trauma that have caused by many years of civil war in our country Liberia; seeking to help youths understand that amidst all their misfortune that God still cares for them and seeking to urge them to be sensitive to their potential which are vital assets for them;

Forging to integrate several denominations under an umbrella of brotherhood and unity for the sole purpose of a holistic service to our fellowman -- a duty to God;

Envisaging and preparing for a task to induce into youths that they must be ready to assume the responsibilties and duties of adult membership in today's church.

Exercising our natural right to join the global christian community in promoting peace,unity,love and tolerance amongst christian youths as well as our fellow man regardless of creed or background.

do hereby declear that this organization have decided to work in harmony to the praise and glory of God and to properly dispense its aims and objectives.


NAME; The Christian youth Council(CYC)

MOTTO; "Uniting Christian Youths"

LOGO; "a gathering of youths,inscribed in a globe.The globe bounded overhead by th abbreviation CYC in curvy motion and bounded below by the motto in the same order."

COLOR; blue and white symbolising togetherness and purity.


1. To encourage spiritual life and growth through the unity amongst the members of each auxiliary, and to help prepare them to take up the full responsibilities and duties of adult membership in today's church.

2. To Promote christian Love and fellowship.

3. To develop cordial relationships among youths of different denominations.

4. To encourage a friendly spirit in addressing the pressing needs of the youths and each local youth member church.

5. To enhance a widespread information and awareness program against the VICES of diseases, as well as societal barracades, including HIV awareness and education, domestic violence, trauma healing and drug abuses, Etc.

6. To induce methods of learning on diverse subjects through interactive activities and organized forums.


CYC envisage to impact into youths the inward spiritual expectation of its initiative in working for God. Through the unity and cordialness we profess, we want to let youths recognize more seriously:

1. God's claim on their lives

2. Their struggle with knowing God better and their own world, consequently giving a hand of hope, faith and courage.

3. Their growth in a more mature and responsible relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and all their neighbors.


CYC is presently comprised of youths representing six churches which are all founding members of the organization. Despite this number, CYC hopes to affiliate with other churches and organizations on the camp. CYC members include CHRIDA church, ALL SOULS church, EMMANUEL LUTHERAN congregation, BETHEL church-Buduburam, VICTORY PRAISE church, and BUDUBURAM UNITED METHODIST church.


1. Regular dues and quotas from Membr churches

2. Fund raising programs and activities

3. Good will donations and gestures from individuals and/or organizations.


The organization is headed by elected officers called the COUNCIL who are overseen by the EXECUTIVE COUNCIL which comprise the heads of member churches.

The council is headed by the chairman, a Co- Chairman, General Secretary and His assistant, Chaplain, and treasurer.


CYC is in urgent need of your assisatance: prayers, manpower, ideas, money and material.

We Beg Volunteers to see the need to help develop this dream to a more blissful stage that we all can be proud of. If you wish to Volunteer with us, just contact us and we wil take you through the procedures.

We are in an urgent need of the adequate support; moral, physical,and logistical to help move this work forward. Your financial contributions are also much needed. Most recently, we have noticed a lot of youths out of school; and we are concerned about that. We also want to start a scholarship drive when the support is sure.

We also will appreciate tracks, Bible lessons , Bibles and any christian teaching aid to help in out work for now.


email: allsoulsann@yahoo.com

or email: cycouncil@yahoo.com

Phone: 011 233 244 121520 or 011 233 243 441660

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